Sunday, December 9, 2007

100 downloads of ShapeLogic

I am Sami Badawi, robotic vision has been my biggest passion since 1989, but starting in August 2007 I created a Java software library for image processing and robotic vision called ShapeLogic:

I have not advertised ShapeLogic since it was pre alpha quality, however, two weeks ago I released ShapeLogic v 0.7, which was the first alpha quality release. Last week I got the website up and running, then to my big surprise somebody found it, and I got over 100 downloads of ShapeLogic 0.7 last week. I am not sure how many were downloads by spiders and robots, but this was enough to create this blog and a mailing list:

I released ShapeLogic v 0.8 two days ago, which has a better syntax for the logical expressions, which were pretty convoluted in 0.7 and also completely undocumented.

I am planning to improve the documentation and clean up the web site next.
After that I would like to work on applying ShapeLogic to a medical image processing problem.

This is my first blog so I am in unknown territory.

Thanks for your interest,
-Sami Badawi

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