Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day of Judgment or day of indifference?

The time of hiding in shame is over. ShapeLogic is finally presentable enough, so I sent out an announcement about ShapeLogic to the ImageJ mailing list this morning.

I have not had any contact with the image processing or vision community. So I have no idea if the list readers will think it is horrible or promising or not think anything at all.

I have still not made my mind up about what to work on next: There is an idea for a medical image processing example that is interesting, but also quite involved.

The letter match could also use a little more cleanup:
Sometimes the skeletonizer will create little Y junctions at the bottom point of a V, which will trick simple rules.

I would like to get ShapeLogic to beta quality as soon as possible, I hope that this will happen in the next couple of releases.

-Sami Badawi

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