Friday, December 14, 2007

Day of Judgment was postponed

Yesterday I sent out an announcement about ShapeLogic to the ImageJ mailing list, not sure if it would generate any interest at all. I was very happy to see that there were 21 downloads on the first day, so at least there was some interest.

I was considering to start working on a medical image analysis problem next. It was presented to me by a medical scientist doing Alzheimer's research. It was a very interesting problem, but it would take me at least a few months to finish it.

Since there are some interest in ShapeLogic I am now thinking that maybe it is better to first focus on ShapeLogic primary focus, to be a toolkit for declarative logic in machine vision and image processing.

When a user is trying the letter matching example the rules are stored in a Java class. There is a unit test that is writing these rules to a database first and then gets them from the database before doing the letter match, but this is not available in the user interface yet.
It would be better if the users could define a new set of rules themselves in a database or a flat file. E.g. the user could have a file that does matching for a different alphabet or other symbols.

I will probably also clean the letter match example up a little more. E.g.: The skeletonizer will create little Y junctions at the bottom point of a V, which will trick some rules.

I hope that this will get ShapeLogic to beta quality in a couple of releases, maybe around ShapeLogic v 1.0. This is probably a statement that I will live to regret, when I announce that ShapeLogic v 2.0 finally have reached beta quality in half a year.

-Sami Badawi

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