Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Collision with the Zeitgeist

It has been 5 years since I started my blog. Back then I was alone with my obscure computer interests: functional programming languages, machine learning and AI.

I felt lucky when I met a Python programmer that I could chat with once in a while. Occasionally I would boil over and just start a computer rant to people at social events, until they ran off.

When I met my first Haskell programmer at a machine learning Meetup, it was like seeing a unicorn. Now I use Scala for work and discuss Haskell, Idris, LISP, category theory or machine learning on a daily basis.

In April 2013 my blog had over 8000 page views, which is more than I ever had imagined.

I am still surprised that my once obscure interests have become part of the zeitgeist, and hope they will stay for a while. But with technology you never know what is coming next.


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