Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ShapeLogic 0.9 with lazy stream library released

Here are the release notes, I will soon describe the changes in more details.

This is the first release where ShapeLogic is moving beyond current parameters as a plugin library for ImageJ, currently only used in a letter recognition example. The improved system will be for declarative programming where the user can define rules in either a database or flat file. The focus will still be on image processing and computer vision, but the system will be more broadly applicable. There has been no new work on image processing or letter recognition in this release. ShapeLogic 1.0 will combine these new changes with the current image processing code.


  • Introduce new functional, declarative and query constructs to Java
  • Implement lazy streams like Haskell, Scala or Scheme
  • These functional constructs are very lightweight and you only need one 200KB jar file to use it in other applications
  • Test streams by solving the first 10 mathematical problems from Project Euler
  • Enabled Java 6 Scripting for evaluating expressions.
  • Tested with Groovy, JRuby, JavaScript, but should work with other supported Scripting languages, currently that are 25 of these. This makes it possible for users to add rule, formulas and queries in real time using text format. They can interact with a running Java application, which can be useful in science, finance or web applications.
-Sami Badawi


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