Friday, May 9, 2008

ShapeLogic 1.1 with particle counter released

Here are the release notes for ShapeLogic 1.1


  • Particle counter working directly on color and gray scale images without manual user intervention
  • Particle counter finds average color, standard deviation, area and location for each particle
  • Framework to build more advanced particle counters and particle analyzers
  • Color clustering using K-mean algorithm
  • Background color finder
  • Extend all the image processing algorithms in ShapeLogic to work in both ImageJ and in plain Java
  • Better support for NetBeans
  • ShapeLogic still has beta development status
  • 29000 lines of Java code
  • 440 unit test that all works on local machine
The particle counter in ShapeLogic v 1.1 has gone through limited testing, and seems to work well though tweaking the parameters is still a bit clumsy. Users looking for a mature particle counter should probably wait for ShapeLogic v 1.2.

Test on sample images from ImageJ

The particle counter was tested on the particle images from ImageJ:


embryos.jpg. The un-tweaked particle counter in ShapeLogic 1.1 found

particle count = 9

embryos.jpg contains 6 particles and a few shadows.

After changing the parameter setting it found

particle count = 5

which is the correct value since ShapeLogic 1.1 cannot split overlapping particles.


This is the first use of ShapeLogic in medical image processing. The next few releases should also be focused on the particle counter, making it more robust and automatic. This is the plan for ShapeLogic 1.2:

  • More testing and tweaking of particle counter
  • Make it easier to set parameters for particle counter in a macro or a configuration file
  • Print report about each particle's color, area, standard deviation to a file
  • Different implementations of particle counters
  • Vectorize particles by tracing the edge
  • Filter particles based geometric properties of the edge using the same techniques as letter matcher

Download ShapeLogic 1.1

-Sami Badawi

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